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1. Beatnik Termites - Veronica
Veronica, my heads up in the sky Veronica, tell me tell me why Why I always feel I'm so alone Forgotten toy that you have outgrown Veronica, why...

2. Beatnik Termites - Angel Valentine
My sweet Angel Valentine In my heart you are still mine If I hold your hand Will you understand? The pain that I feel without you My sweet Angel...

3. Beatnik Termites - Angel Saw Reggie's Dick
Angel saw Reggie’s dick You better hide it pretty quick Angel saw Reggie’s dick And now she’s feeling realy sick Dick dick dick dick dick...

4. Beatnik Termites - Strawberry Girl
When I see you with another boy it rips me from the inside The anguish shoots all through my veins t makes me want to cry And I see you with him on...

5. Beatnik Termites - How Many Times
How many times must I ring you Before you return my call How many times have I wondered If you even care at all How many boys will you go through...

6. Beatnik Termites - Denise, Denise
I go to church on sunday mornings I sit up front so I can see A girl I want that's in the choir I wonder if she'll look at me Can't keep my eyes...

7. Beatnik Termites - Surf Dancin'
All the kids can’t wait for school to end There all hip to the surf dancin’ trend Shake your bushy blonde hair dig your bare feet in the sand...

8. Beatnik Termites - Termite Hop
Got nothing to do and nowhere to go The gang’s all going to the Termite show I asked Peggy Sue to go out on a date Her Daddy-O say’s don’t be...

9. Beatnik Termites - Ode To Susie And Joey
Susie's going out tonight If she stays out late her folks will get uptight Susie and Joey had a great big fight Little Susie what will you do Susie...

10. Beatnik Termites - Voice On The Radio
I hear an angel's voice on my radio I hear an angel's voice in my mind An angel's voice and she sounds to be so kind She's telling me everyhing she...

11. Beatnik Termites - Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine
You better write that girl a letter When I saw her she looked so blue You better write that girl a letter That little red-haired girl's got a crush...

12. Beatnik Termites - Mary Lou
Oh Mary Lou I love you, yes I do Will you always love me too I didn't mean the things I said last night Will you forgive me Mary Lou Oh Mary Lou I...

13. Beatnik Termites - Undesirable
We met one hot evening you had that look on your face I thought you needed friendship but you put me in my place Could I just buy you one drink could...

14. Beatnik Termites - 9:15
It's 7:15 it's almost time for school again Mom knows something's wrong with me I can't pretend There's a girl in the little red sweater I like A...

15. Beatnik Termites - When She's Nearby
She smells like candy, peppermint and spice I can tell when she's nearby She loves a boy who doesn't treat her nice It makes me wonder why There she...

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