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1. Bertoldi Brothers - Add Project
I have this condition, you know ? you know my friend has ADD now wait a minute does he? i cant remember, cause all i know all i believe in A - D - D...

2. Bertoldi Brothers - Beyond The Death And The Light
There´s a putrid son who´s growing A father pretending to love A mother intending to hate He doesn´t know what´s worse But that´s not a doubt...

3. Bertoldi Brothers - Clap Your Hands In The Air Super Pop Music
I´m on two steps to reach the botton I need two feet to reach the floor I need two legs to reach my feet I need a body, I need a head I need a body,...

4. Bertoldi Brothers - 4 Am
Suck my nipple If you have all you teeth Take a nibble Shave your asshole Clean and give it to me Bite the pillow Shake my flag-pole If you can't...

5. Bertoldi Brothers - Counterrevolutionary
So unexpected in that fraction of a frame Caught only by reaction Amongst the clouds of grey See the world crumble from the top of these skies...

6. Bertoldi Brothers - Painted Friends (tribute To Fernando Cury)
Nothing else to do..... Can’t wait to shoot someone....or die under insanity Just 1 hour..... And death will be whispering within our heads........

7. Bertoldi Brothers - Anoxemia
Cut off my oxygen Thinking, I'm not anymore Cut off my I.V. Beating, it's not anymore Or is it? What do we need just to stay here, to keep attached...

8. Bertoldi Brothers - Desafrio
Este inverno est?rometendo est?dizendo que vai doer que teremos beijos partidos com sol apenas a se p?r> ? que est?dizendo especulando por a?r>dizem...

9. Bertoldi Brothers - Aimless Way
I´ve been thinking about my young days It´s not that I´m feeling older I´ve been missing my happy times It´s not that I´m getting sad I was...

10. Bertoldi Brothers - Empty Rooms
When I was a young boy Never thought I could reach When I looked at the stars Walking alone in the beach When I tried to forget you It always came...

11. Bertoldi Brothers - Shine Forever
She'd laid the roses there So perfectly positioned So painfully quiet The way I thought I wanted And there they were Shinning back at me The same...

12. Bertoldi Brothers - Butterflies
Perfect nature has its way of showing us just exactly who we are Uneasy times Perspire the truth And our reactions forever branded on our faces ...

13. Bertoldi Brothers - Sinapses
I'm trapped inside I am coal and I am fire I am chemical reactions I am chemical lives I am suffered moments I am pointless to all But in you I...

14. Bertoldi Brothers - Puzzle
Wonderlands and dreams Fuzzing all to random chapters And suddenly I´m carrying incomplete bodies Wishing the path of fool excuses Barricades from...

15. Bertoldi Brothers - Red T-shirt
My red T-shirt is not that red anymore It wasn´t chlorine but the sunlight I´m not eighteen and shutting the door Quietly I try to crawl and hide ...

16. Bertoldi Brothers - Mile
A plate and a glass, again the same Everybody pays for my needs, care and cloth I chase the end of the rainbow And some colors paint the rain, as I...

17. Bertoldi Brothers - Wang
Only one of us can be it's not you and me only one of us will be it's just him tenis shoes untied in our air-conditioned lives just a t-shirt and...

18. Bertoldi Brothers - Placebo
One denaying word, it´s all that you need To make my week the worst of my life And day after day you seem to seek A different kind of word that...

19. Bertoldi Brothers - Stoned
He has no home, he feels alone He has no kingdom behind his throne He likes no one, can´t love himself He sees no light within his shell He cries...

20. Bertoldi Brothers - Maria Makes Me Happy
Ever since we kissed, she filled my mind. Slowly leaves my grip, got stuck inside. I know I need her, she´s my bestest friend, eventhough I never...

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