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1. Whitecross - Resist Him
Resist Him Satan, the roaring lion, roams to and fro Seeking who can mate him power. The word of God tells us so. He's the father, the father of...

2. Whitecross - Beacuse Of Jesus
Beacuse Of Jesus Because of Jesus, I have peace of mind Because of Jesus, I'm no longer blind Because of Jesus, old things have passed away Because...

3. Whitecross - When The Walls Tumble Down
When The Walls Tumble Down You can feel the cold of a heart locked up in ice Addicted to wine and women Seems there's no escape from the vise But...

4. Whitecross - I'm Asking You Today
Are you lonely, feeling no one's on your side? Are there things you think you need to hide? I've been with you, waiting from the very start, For...

5. Whitecross - Faraway Places
Gone away far away Your last goodbye today The demands of life cost pain Once again you’re leaving me All alone tonight Oh no, please don’t run...

6. Whitecross - Who Will You Follow
So many different paths to follow. Are you stumbling in the night It's not worth the cost to be eternally lost Satan is the father of lies Follow...

7. Whitecross - Top Of The World
Top Of The World Time, you say you've got a lifetime to live, my friend. At night, I always see you foolin with time. Today you're a high speed...

8. Whitecross - Take It To The Limit
Take It To The Limit You can feel the cold of a heart locked up in ice Addicted to wine and women Seems there's no escape from the vise But still a...

9. Whitecross - Enough Is Enough
One foot in and one foot out I'm up for grabs, my future's in doubt No more runnin round and playin this game It's time for me to make a stand for...

10. Whitecross - In The Kingdom
Saw the headlines just the other day Said the wall's comin' down Said the peace is just a breath away One world, one voice, on happy family ...

11. Whitecross - Living In A Lost World
Living In A Lost World Time, you say you've got a lifetime to live, my friend. At night, I always see you foolin with time. Today you're a high...

12. Whitecross - Living On The Edge
Living On The Edge I know that your heart is burning out Like a bon bon on the flame. You've tried crouching in a different alley every night. The...

13. Whitecross - High Gear
Here we are rockin' the night, Having fun, flying high as a kite. Feeling good, got the joy inside. We're liftin up Jesus, we got nothing to hide....

14. Whitecross - Without Your Love
Never try to hurt anyone. I try to keep to myself. I'm all business, no time for love. Emotions gather dust on the shelf. Fast dealin', no time...

15. Whitecross - Collide
Imagination plays with truth and lies Deliberation, only good when love’s alive Only good, when love’s alive Oh how he waits, oh how he waits...

16. Whitecross - Holy War
Listen, sound a warning, hear the angel of the Lord Jesus comes, bringing justice, not peace but a holy sword Tremble every demon power and...

17. Whitecross - Seein' Is Believing
I go my own way and cover my tracks Instead of chasin and checking the facts I do believe my time is running short It’s hard to tell just who’s...

18. Whitecross - When The Clock Strykes
When The Clock Strykes I'll take the high road, There's nothing stopping me now. I like to gamble with my gang, And there's no turning back. I'm in...

19. Whitecross - Plowed Me Down
I was angry full of greed I was thinkin’ of only me I was running from place to place Just making it though another day Without a doubt I had to...

20. Whitecross - Angel's Disguise
Angel is a girl with short brown hair Simple little face and simple clothes she wears Angel isn’t much for idle conversation Doesn’t care about...

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