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1. Katastrophy Wife - Sweetheart
Sweetheart What does it feel like So good the Devil even got a start Hot crotch out for a nice walk Talk lots never did with you Good God I had the...

2. Katastrophy Wife - Git Go
Never thought I had to take it never felt the need to fake it never felt the need to try all the shit you pull Nobody had your know how I never had...

3. Katastrophy Wife - Babydoll (unofficial)
I've got a few things to tell and it would just put you in the 'special hell' Another cunt, another broad she loves A girls life in the prison's not...

4. Katastrophy Wife - Asstroglide
Squeal pig… Yeah! What does it feel like… Feels real good What does it feel like… Feels real nice What does it feel like… Feels real tight...

5. Katastrophy Wife - Haunted
I see an unreal light I know an unreal light I am an unreal light haunted I feel an unreal flight I see an unreal light I fight a surreal flight I am...

6. Katastrophy Wife - Moneyshot
I know it takes alot To hit the hot spot G-spot moneyshot Just call my hotass phone Cuz I'm at 1800-ALL-ALONE You've got those nice big eyes Although...

7. Katastrophy Wife - Pretty Car
In a pretty car you're the star see you fall in all the bars when we're apart it hurts my heart in a pretty car you're the star like a dagger...

8. Katastrophy Wife - Suffrage
If I touch you, will I hurt you? If I hurt you, will you want me? If I kill you, will it heal me? I will hurt you I will kill you...

9. Katastrophy Wife - Blue Valient
I feel on fire Like I never have before Your baby's tired He's licking at my floor I open my... My myopia for you Cold final hour My love is in...

10. Katastrophy Wife - Emit Time
Time time time time time time time Spending my time Thinking all the time Wishing you were mine Maybe just a headline Take all my time If I had a...

11. Katastrophy Wife - Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year
This guy comes into the restaurant I guess his name was like Paris So I bet his parents thought he should be all cultural So he goes is this real...

12. Katastrophy Wife - Knife Fight
When I saw you last night what I saw was not right when they said you were gone it did not take me so long remembered I was along wouldn't leave you...

13. Katastrophy Wife - Gone Away
I know there will come a day I will seem so far away you all love to have your say I don't mind I've gone away This time it's a lifetime prophecy...

14. Katastrophy Wife - Layne To Rest
Mother's dead hurts my head Doctor said take my med's I know that things look brighter on the other side, hell yeah I know I'd feel quite lighter on...

15. Katastrophy Wife - Window
Staring out the window you lose yourself you lose yourself there's no one else standing in the corner you're out of place you're out of place..outer...

16. Katastrophy Wife - Boomerang Doll
Saw boomerang doll at the hillbilly ball on plastic mattress sat a gal all made of straw she snapped like matchstix and she spit out cracker drawl...

17. Katastrophy Wife - Ice Cream & Cigarettes
I love the garbage But sometimes I miss the rain I said don't look back People never change I keep stubbing my toes looking through garbage for...

18. Katastrophy Wife - No Thing
I have thing But you have no thing Now that I'm bad I'll be your all or nothing Now that you're sad I can hardly wait To wipe you out for good So...

19. Katastrophy Wife - Widdershins
I have electrical-occurences electro-magnet doors blown open craft is burnt out HER NAME IS VIOLET LIKE THE WAY-(WARD )IT GOES O'ER THE CROOKED...

20. Katastrophy Wife - Rosacea
Pretending I'm blind in the back of my mind I have eyes there permanent spent neon mind glowing bent like a church fair it's enough to make you cry...

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