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1. Dr. Feelgood - Milk Alcohol
(nick lowe/gypie mayo) White boy in town Big black, blue sound Night club, I paid in I got a stamp on my skin Main attraction dead on his feet...

2. Dr. Feelgood - Baby Why Do You Treat Me This Way
(Johnny Guitar) Since you tried to kill me I've got nothing to say You sent some boys around to blow my kneecaps away I know I burned your...

3. Dr. Feelgood - All My Love
(Wilko Johnson) Well well well I thought I heard it raining All my love trouble in my mind Lay awake all night Till the morning light came...

4. Dr. Feelgood - No Time
(cale) No time for making my moves, no time No time for hitting the grooves, no time Summer comes and summers gone Winter sings it's very sad song...

5. Dr. Feelgood - Baby Jane
(Simmons/Reed/Bishop/Wilson/Nesbitt) RIFF Baby Jane, what a fool I've been I let you go, I cast my fate to the four winds Baby Jane, can you...

6. Dr. Feelgood - Another Man
(Wilko Johnson) I'm an easy going kind of man I really am But I can tell there's trouble close at hand You know I can Heard your name in...

7. Dr. Feelgood - 29 Ways
(Willie Dixon) I got 29 ways to make it to my baby's door I got 29 ways to make it to my baby's door But if she needs me bad I can find about...

8. Dr. Feelgood - Because You're Mine
(Lowe/Johnson/Sparks) Ever since the day I met you baby I'll believe I had a hold on you Any where you go I'll be watching over everything...

9. Dr. Feelgood - All Through The City
(Wilko Johnson) KEY: Amaj Stand and watch the towers burning at the break of day Steadily slowing down, been on my feet since yesterday Gotta...

10. Dr. Feelgood - Back In The Night
(Wilko Johnson) KEY: Emaj Back in the night I lay down by your fireside Back in the night you shook me like a landslide I nearly missed the...

11. Dr. Feelgood - A Touch Of Class
(mark hankins/chris bradford) Poor boy, up west, and the action wasn't going my way Rich girl, best dressed, lookin' like she come out to play I...

12. Dr. Feelgood - As Long As The Price Is Right
(Larry Wallis) Looking for a good time Wanna see the town Cos I'm the man If money talks I wanna hear it sing If you got the readies Then...

13. Dr. Feelgood - Tell Me No Lies
(steve walwyn) I've been keepin' my ears to the ground I've been hearin' rumors going round Don't give me that dirty double talk My advice to you is...

14. Dr. Feelgood - Route 66
(b. troupe) If you ever plan to motor west Travel my way, the highway that's the best Get your kicks on route 66 It winds from chicago to l.a. More...

15. Dr. Feelgood - See You Later Alligator
(guidry) Key: emaj When I saw my baby walking with another man today When I saw my baby walking with another man today When I asked her what's the...

16. Dr. Feelgood - Standing At The Crossroads Again
(mickey jupp) Well I'm standing at the crossroads again With an empty heart and a dollar ten Maybe I'll bump into some famous names Robert johnson,...

17. Dr. Feelgood - Dangerous
(wallis/brilleaux/russell/mitchell/morris) (plangent visions music ltd./zomba music publ.ltd.) Don't call my name, I just must answer This ain't no...

18. Dr. Feelgood - Watch Your Step
(Parker) You better take it easy baby Before you go away You keep me worried And you get yours one day Watch your step (4 x) Keep your eyes...

19. Dr. Feelgood - Looking Back
(Watson) As I was walking down the street A pretty girl did I meet She's looking all so sweet Got a major from her head to her feet I was...

20. Dr. Feelgood - Saturday Night Fish Fry
(jordan/walsh) (anglo-pic music co.ltd.) If you've ever been down to new orleans Then you can understand just what I mean All through the week it's...

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