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1. Drinkers Acid - Hiperenigmatic Stuff Of Mr. Nothing
Where's the road to your heart? Which way to your swollen soul? What about girl-friend, man Can you sale her, let her roll, Stop! What's that...

2. Drinkers Acid - Calista
I wanna be thin like you, uhh Thin as my monthly payment. I could wear your dresses baby By the monday night, by the pale moonlight I'll...

3. Drinkers Acid - Barmy Army
Swimmin' in s... I've got all on command Always, everywhere I've got something to do, The screams of blockheads - almost shootin' the dead Oh!...

4. Drinkers Acid - Anybody Home __!!
Use your wise head Use your wise mind It is nothing bad... test imagination Check your big brain You won't feel pain I think you won't fade,...

5. Drinkers Acid - Youth
Today's youth don't want a Volvo They don't want a Jaguar They don't want semi-dry wine Mercedes is what they want! Today's youth don't...

6. Drinkers Acid - There's So Much Hatred In The Air
There's so much hatred in the air That it it's hard for me to breath There's so much venom in the air I can feel it's pressure around me ...

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