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1. Dew-scented - Processing Life
Amoral prayers once besought Breaking bounds, betrayal of the soul Clearing out the heart to see the light Forgiveness promise, concealed in lie ...

2. Dew-scented - Beloved Elysium
[Chorus:] Under a veil I sleep swirling Send down, failure may devour me Cry it out and create my own sunrise Insight, dream of states I...

3. Dew-scented - 18 Hours
Searching for meaning to this life playground, the self awaking forever day by day, in bleak disclosure hoping to find serenity in a silent dream ...

4. Dew-scented - Vortex
Daylight crawls inside A wasted state this empty slate Looking back before the memories Vortex of promise paled and chances failed This misanthrope's...

5. Dew-scented - Blueprints Of Hate
Witness the blueprints of hate Weeding out the hope forlorn Following a stronger will in vain Self indulgence Agony forever more Forsaken...

6. Dew-scented - Apocalypse Inside
Inside Is Consuming Anxieties Domain Declining Will Within Myself Is So Hard To Contain My Time Running Out Will I Survive My Life Wastes Away...

7. Dew-scented - Acts Of Rage
Go! You're hurt and bleeding, compelled social wars have victimized you and as your walls are closing in upstart the vicious cycle, the acts...

8. Dew-scented - Bereaved
Crawling for faith, almost turning away from this world Within the sphere of addiction and dismay, betrayed, as purgatory unchains The infinite...

9. Dew-scented - Turn To Ash
I've come to face the final task Rituals of gracing shape, in ambivalence For another higher sphere (for another higher sphere) Put out the lights to...

10. Dew-scented - Agony Designed
Chaos of mind feeding uncontrolled this sentinal of terror waiting in line for notions of the light few seconds into DEATH I confess, I'm full of...

11. Dew-scented - Locked In Motion
You mindless sinners Hopeless souls of black Scream forth In pains Soon to be locked in motion Falling away from the self Into the empty...

12. Dew-scented - The Prison Of Reason
It's desperation I can see right through your feeble eyes Glance of doubt, full of dismay An escape into foul disguise Locked away, praise the...

13. Dew-scented - Underneath
Corrosive perception, the eternal zeal, mindtrapping devotion, the scorn of the void Your urge to submit to the ascent of a few means corporal...

14. Dew-scented - Rituals Of Time
My sense is running away now Contagious indecision outgrowing myself Puzzled and torn apart I promised disobedience in vain I can't control myself,...

15. Dew-scented - The Grapes Of Wrath
I went astray into the pleasure of her flesh, god of lies, you will surely understand Scared? Yeah, I am scared, betrayed and lost, moving ahead in...

16. Dew-scented - Feeling Not
Terminal desire of thoughts Overcome my destiny I got the vibes of pain Emotional dementia I've found the thrill of the discontent I bleed...

17. Dew-scented - Terminal Mindstrip
Thrive mental genocide Obscure the thoughts As worlds collide in doubt Hide in the shadow of the mass In-different sense Slave to digital...

18. Dew-scented - Slaughtervain
You're weaving bloodlust with instigation producing scenes of intimidation a footstep CLOSER TO THE GRAVE fuck with the mind of those who can't...

19. Dew-scented - Soul Poison
Behold the emptiness divine SHAPELESS EYES OF BLIND, COLD AS ICE the weakness of the flesh shines through in final premonition... soul poison! ...

20. Dew-scented - Defiance
Return To The Eternal Mindstrip Lock Your Soul In A Prison Of Fright Hold Back - For A Trace Of Wisdom Lurk Again Through These Eyes Of Blind You...

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