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1. Pastor Troy - Can You Stand The Game
F/ Co-Ed Verse 1: Pastor Troy Sometimes I feel like I am stuck between a bad dream Running this race thank the Lord for his amazing grace ...

2. Pastor Troy - Move To Mars
[Verse 1] Now who the fuck wouldn't be fucked up In the city where crack sells and clientele never tell yo life A nigga beats his wife, damn it's...

3. Pastor Troy - Oh Father!
I was that cool motherfucker But living in the world of these cruel motherfuckers Society done made me a fool motherfucker And 16 shots leaving...

4. Pastor Troy - No More Play In G. A.
(phone ringing) Pastoer troy: y'all watch this, watch this (laughs) Guy on phone: no limit studios Pastoer troy: yea, yea, yea, can I speak to p? ...

5. Pastor Troy - Ain't No Sunshine
Talking:Cuz I'm tellin you man they aint nothing else to talk about the same shit every motherfuckin album, I dont give a damn how many he put out...

6. Pastor Troy - Atlanta
I will always pray for you, Atlanta Yeah, yeah we crankin' this for all tha G's on the east side We doin' this for all the Gangstas on the west...

7. Pastor Troy - Eternal Yard Dash
Ha Ha Haa Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Ha Come on cuz, we almost there We almost there cuz Goddamn, where the finish line? (what)(11x) Fuck this shit,...

8. Pastor Troy - Bless America
[Chorus] (repeat 4x) I am a real American Fight for the right of every man When it rain it pours, thunder and lightning These cowards is...

9. Pastor Troy - Boys To Men
Artist: Pastor Troy f/ Chip, Eight-ball Album: By Any Means Necessary Song: Boys To Men Typed By:* * send...

10. Pastor Troy - Brang Yo Army!
Verse 1: Peter the Disciple I walk in hell, bucking and fighting, scratching and biting Throwing bows, showing gold's, and smoking dro's ...

11. Pastor Troy - Above The Law
Yeah this song is dedicated in memory of mister Terell Alfago Davis Mister Davis was gunned down at the hands of two Richmond County Sheriff's...

12. Pastor Troy - Champion!
(Pastor Troy) Come on D.S.G.B ya'll know what time it is Ga ya'll know what time it is, Pastor Troy for President for 2000, I'm ready I'm...

13. Pastor Troy - Vica Versa
[Pastor Troy - talking] Yeah (yeah) This song is called Goddamn, Vica Versa (I'm doin' my best to save my people) It's like, (The people & I will...

14. Pastor Troy - We Ready 2000
Verse 1: Pastor Troy These niggas asking how I choose to die Just like a muthafucking G is my only reply Hi 7, Mac 11 with the shoulder slang ...

15. Pastor Troy - About To Go Down
Chorus Its bout to go down (16X) Verse Its goin down this tha year ice ya wrist baby rock ya ear put ya mink on get ya drink on its...

16. Pastor Troy - Are We Cuttin'
F/ Ms. Jade [*Timbaland scratches throughout*] [Intro: Pastor Troy] Ha-ha, ha-ha, come here girl Ha-ha, ha-ha, come here girl Ha-ha,...

17. Pastor Troy - Representin'
Intro yeah yo this for them boys that been down wit me for tha last five years before this shit was cool Chorus im representin! im representin...

18. Pastor Troy - Shoutouts, We Ready!
Pastor troy:yall watch this watch this guy:no limit studio pastor troy:yeah yeah yeah can i speak to p guy:p aint here troy a yo tell him...

19. Pastor Troy - It's On Down Here
Troy:What that shit talking Guy:Uh Pastor Troy Troy:Get the fuck away from my motherfuckin door Guy:(Knocking on door)This P nigga I'mma sign...

20. Pastor Troy - Throw Your Flags Up
[Verse 1] I'm in my big body Benz Riding with 4 of my friends Shoot a bird at them coppers While blowing smoke in the wind Up out the window...

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