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1. The Partridge Family - Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
Hello world, here's a song that we're singin' Come on, get happy A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin' We'll make you happy We had a...

2. The Partridge Family - Morning Rider On The Road
Intro: Well I thought my life was over when she walked right out on me And I watched the world around me just explode That's when I hit the...

3. The Partridge Family - Whale Song
Whale song, soft and low Sing a story as gently you go Whale song, I hear what you say This may be the last time you're passing this way. Sing...

4. The Partridge Family - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Intro: Down, doobie doo down down Come-a, come-a Down, doobie doo down down Come-a, come-a Down, doobie doo down down Come-a, come-a Down,...

5. The Partridge Family - As Long As There's You
When all my dreams are scattered to the wind I'll begin again and you're the reason why When all our friends no longer know my name And say that...

6. The Partridge Family - I Woke Up In Love This Morning
In the eyes of the world I'm a loser just wastin' my time I can't make a dime In the eyes of the world being born was my first big mistake I can't...

7. The Partridge Family - Rainmaker
She came with the rain, scarlet ribbon in her hair I never even knew her name, she just slipped away from me to who knows where And if it...

8. The Partridge Family - I Think I Love You
Last night, I turned out the light, lay down and thought about you I thought about the way that it could be Two o'clock...wondering what I'm doing...

9. The Partridge Family - Alone Too Long
Funny how you can go on livin' And lose the simple knack of givin' It slips away before you know it's gone Ya build up walls and before ya know it...

10. The Partridge Family - Brand New Me
Come on down, off of your cloud Why just be a face in the crowd? You can remember that once upon a love affair Your heart was warm; your lips were...

11. The Partridge Family - Doesnt Somebody Wantto Be Wanted
I'm sleeping And right in the middle of a good dream like all at once I wake up >From something that keeps knocking at my brain Before I go...

12. The Partridge Family - Bandala
INTRO: My baby! (Banda-lay-la, my love) I need ya! (Banda-lay-la, my love) Oh, oh, I want ya! (Banda-lay-la, my love) Hold on! I'm comin'...

13. The Partridge Family - Let The Good Times In
Let the good times in The leaves of life are falling down around you, girl Nothin's so bad that it can't be a-changin' Start rearrangin' life...

14. The Partridge Family - Every Little Bit O' You
INTRO: There's a little bit of you in every girl I run into in every girl I ever knew and since that day we went our own way, it's true ...

15. The Partridge Family - If You Ever Go
If you ever put me down, I would fall right through the ground Couldn't make it on my own, couldn't stay here all alone and there would be no sun...

16. The Partridge Family - Am I Losing You_
INTRO: Something's in the wind, something I can touch Just a feeling that I've got, oh no CHORUS: Am I losing you? Am I losing you? Is there...

17. The Partridge Family - Money Money
Money, money, I wish I had some I'd spend it on you, babe Cause your really somethin' Even though I don't have a lot You can have what I've...

18. The Partridge Family - I'll Meet You Halfway
Will there come a day you and I can say we can finally see each other? Will there come a time we can find the time to reach out for one another? ...

19. The Partridge Family - You Don't Have To Tell Me
INTRO: You don't have to tell me that you're going out You don't wanna see me is what it's all about I know you're needed and wanted badly ...

20. The Partridge Family - Come On Love
Sitting here all alone You know it's just not right Lately it seems to happen every night Hiding away from love How could I be so sure ...

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