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1. La The Darkman - Safe Box
[Intro: Method Man] Yeah... (oh my god-god *repeated throughout*) Staten Island niggas, forgotten borough, the most thorough Oh shit, haha, the...

2. La The Darkman - 1000 Grams
[Intro: La the Darkman] This for all my niggas on the block... Knawhatimean, word up... pushing that rock... Knawhatimean, try'nna come up and get...

3. La The Darkman - N.y., N.y.
[La the Darkman] My street filled with guns, snakes, crack and buddha Fake ass women, and tech, sharpshooters Drinkin' Tangeray drunk, they slam the...

4. La The Darkman - Wu World Order
* one of 3 hidden tracks on the playstation game cd [all] Wu world order (4x) [la the darkman] Yo Niggaz is feeble, I call up a vine-man like ben'...

5. La The Darkman - Wu-blood Kin
F/ Ghostface Killah, 12 O'Clock Chorus: Ghostface Young Gods when you killed them guns you kill sons Can't get into the pen for murder one ...

6. La The Darkman - This Thing
[Intro: Method Man] Do you see these bags under my fuckin' eyes!? Geez! That's all I ever wanted was, uh huh, uh huh, yeah yeah, thing thing That's...

7. La The Darkman - Soldier
[La the Darkman] Stand up guy, with family, shared a pie To the cops and the judge, always tell a lie Look 'em dead in the eye, right hand high For...

8. La The Darkman - Fresh Flowers
[Intro: La the Darkman] Yeah... fresh flowers... La the Dark... yo... [La the Darkman] Figaro chains, Cuban Linx, three quarter minks Private...

9. La The Darkman - Survive
[Intro: La the Darkman] Word life, Tyreef, know what I'm saying? I'm tired of all this east coast, west coast, down south, shit You know what I'm...

10. La The Darkman - Donnie Brasco
[La the Darkman] I'm nineteen, doing nothing but getting that green Lexus C, playin' the club scene Every weekend, catch me with a different Puerto...

11. La The Darkman - Shine
[La the Darkman] Uh uh, for the niggas in black Vigors behind the wheel drinkin liquors Everybody wanna shine For the niggas rockin Tims, fuck...

12. La The Darkman - Have And Have Nots
[Interlude; La the Darkman] Yeah come on, yeah, word [La the Darkman] Woke up early afternoon, just after two It's saturday contemplating what I'm...

13. La The Darkman - Spring Water
[Intro: Raekwon] Yo. Yo. Yo. Yeah, No doubt. No doubt. That's my... 1997. That's my word. That's my... that's my word. That's my... that's my...

14. La The Darkman - I Work
[La the Darkman] I'm the black Stephen King, I write my horrors through a pen Every song from my album, tell how, what and when I live like an...

15. La The Darkman - What Thugs Do
[Intro: La the Darkman, (DJ Rogers & Puff)] Yeah. Yeah. One. Two. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. (Oh) Time for another cat get his money. Ya'nah'mean? Let's...

16. La The Darkman - Fifth Disciple
(Triple Darkness, Fifth Disciple, La the Darkman) [La the Darkman] Yo, yo, it's surprising, how I throw lines like Joe Theisman Franchisin,...

17. La The Darkman - Figaro Chain
(hit em off) Chorus [La the Darkman] We deal wit lucci, knowledge, bitches that go to college Niggas bubblin bricks, that see twenty million...

18. La The Darkman - Respect Made Men
[Intro: La the Darkman] Yeah, it's the embassy Sing-Sing Regime, understand, yeah [La the Darkman] Darkman's driving in the cockpit, spitting hot...

19. La The Darkman - Heist Of The Century
[Killa Sin] Ski masked, the First National for a half a mill' It's real, fuck rational Your armored truck stuck like dustheads for my collateral ...

20. La The Darkman - Now Y
[Intro: La The Darkman] Yeah. Yeah. Yo. Yo. Yo. Trapacanti. Yo. [Chorus: La The Darkman] When I walk these streets, like bamboo, I'm strapped...

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