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1. My Hotel Year - 6 A.m.
Wake up morning sun it's 6 a.m. i can see the clouds brighter than the sun brace yourself 'cause i don't know when it'll all come down ...

2. My Hotel Year - If I Only Spoke Russian
Look there off in the trees it's seconds away i know and i can hardly breathe i'm not losing face this time but next time i know i'll be face...

3. My Hotel Year - Breathing Patterns
You'll never know How you sing When you're asleep And I'm listenin' I'm listenin' You'll never know How you say the things you say And I'm...

4. My Hotel Year - Between Little Things
I know everytime i see you tell me all i see is so wrong between the subtle little differences it all makes us undone say "goodnight", say...

5. My Hotel Year - Sunrise At Sixteen
So where have you gone? i've been up for hours it's been six months since last i saw you so when will you return to me? last night alone i...

6. My Hotel Year - Once More
Once more i go in to youonce more i go fading in to youwhatcha doing hereonce more i face them allonce more i go facing in to...

7. My Hotel Year - Fashion For Monks
She's unoriginal at best clockwise and a pretty dress you could take a little longer now to pass the test we understand it all i guess ...

8. My Hotel Year - Ancient To Now
It slows down to sleep making faces insane the intone is set now to call out our names somewhere so old it's gone in domains where we lay ...

9. My Hotel Year - Walking And Dreaming
Well i fell asleep just the other day guess you were wondering if i was dreaming of you and when i awoke i saw those golden eyes and your...

10. My Hotel Year - Center Circle
I took the long way home maybe i had reached my limit don't go down without me and when you stopped me to interchange ourselves the subtle...

11. My Hotel Year - Key Exchange
I'm sorry for calling to leave this message you probably got the first one my face was hypnotized from the first time you arrived impressions...

12. My Hotel Year - Your Survival
Archaic motion twelve feet behind yourself we used to walk together for so long it's not it's not over it's never ending simply existing...

13. My Hotel Year - What Color Is Blue_
Keep it all a little softer save it all up for them it's a virus of the simple it's a virus of the simple sounding nature to keep you from ...

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