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1. Hatesphere - Deeper And Deeper
Come with me my friend I'll take you to a place where heads are rolling Can you hear the bells? The ring for you my friend Sounding louder...

2. Hatesphere - Plague
The road was paved long ago While your progress still goes slow Although you felt a freeze You kept on walking on Now you're begging please ...

3. Hatesphere - Bloodsoil
Let me question your faith, mind, and what you believe why did we leave our gods for one we can't even see? do you wanna tell me why or my story to...

4. Hatesphere - Down For Good
Eware for lust can't you see it brings misery? start chasing your dreams get a life aint that what you want? you better believe it you...

5. Hatesphere - Disbeliever
Covered in skin Covered in sin It's all about reaching out And then begin, then begin To feel the shadows coming in It knows how to feed me ...

6. Hatesphere - Low Life Vendetta
Your ugly face keeps haunting my soul Won't wash away, won't leave this hell hole Like a parasite, not wanted here Why won't you disappear... ...

7. Hatesphere - Dead
Now listen crawl over here down on your knees the paralyzing hate struck from behind your violent throne withered away remember me? PAY! ...

8. Hatesphere - Kicking Ahead
My mind is closed for repairs So don't get in my way I am kicking ahead And I don't care what you say I can hardly resist To be cruel like it...

9. Hatesphere - Insanity Arise
Feel the gain in your vein Break loose and go insane Don't mingle with the mute, but stand to my demand Let us be creative, like the native ...

10. Hatesphere - Hell Is Here
Come on stranger play with me Now we're in the dark you see Nervously you ask from me If this is how it's gonna be You damn your eyes, they see...

11. Hatesphere - Believer
I give you the teddy to put you in bed And here's an axe to chop off your head I give you a pill to cure your disease And here's a gun to put you...

12. Hatesphere - Addicted Soul
Take a look in the mirror reflections from a dying personality lights up the room feel cold sweat running from your neck when denying you were...

13. Hate - Immolate The Pope
Smell your flesh burning down at blazing stake, Watch your kingdom dies as my hell is rising down there, You will deny the cross when we finally...

14. Hate - Serve God, Rely On Me (hymn Of Asal'el)
Don't run away form the spiritual pain, Always exalt me down in your heart, You will breathe my war and join my hordes, Where spirits hold the...

15. Hate - Cain's Way
Two men as one, the same blood they shared Born from one mother and divided by hate One other chose the dark side - its torture and bliss In the...

16. Hate - Holy Dead Trinity
Hail Evil Gods! Remember me, I am your destiny! To glorify your majesty I summon you to see The sacrifice of human-mice trembling there between ...

17. Hate - Convocation
Released Hatred reigns again In the name of eternal evil The day of convocation Fulfills the prophicy of destruction Absorption of light ...

18. Hatesphere - No Sense
I want to hear deafness I want to see blindness I want to feel alive yesterday I ran like the wind and seemed to be ahead of everything today I...

19. Hate - The Scrolls
Embodiment of Hate is what are my lord, Each of your ten horns makes war with the lamb, Blood is your prize, On war you ever feed, You shall...

20. Hate - Shame Of The Creator
Your shame that you feel as a knife stabbed (after os many years of failure and remorse) Never left your holy mind and it's been growing in...

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