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1. Falling Up - Fearless
When you see your breath In the frozen night. When your hope is on the guard There's a running threat. There's a new design When the poison fills...

2. Falling Up - Searchlights
It's like a breath before the dive. It's like the truth after a lie. This flight is taking over. Searchlights in every corner. Like I love you when...

3. Falling Up - Bittersweet
Release the gate of beautiful, I am staying down to hide in rooms away These tears they build me up a house, then they pour on down and wash the...

4. Falling Up - Exit Calysan
This white blows so softly. The movement still is in my mind. This flag flown in Reedsport Will start to catch beneath the wind. Catch beneath the...

5. Falling Up - Jackson Five
Coming at you like the Jackson 5 Live in effect, respect due You knew we drew lines to make it through Completely submerged on the verge I'm thinkin'...

6. Falling Up - The Gathering
With a longing heart you turn the tides and say goodbye With a love that always fades You hold on so tight, hold back the tears Legacy that strays so...

7. Falling Up - Contact
Runaway, runaway. Breathe this in. The waters wait, waters wait. Wide awake, wide away. Breathe this in. The waters wait, waters wait. Asking if you...

8. Falling Up - New Hope
I've been here before, it's all I've ever known Looking for the face that I am Where do I go? All that's in my sight Are darkened dreams of empty...

9. Falling Up - Cascades
The flashlights came out. The sound of them move. The wet of the ground. You're starting to lose. You took every breath. You traced all my steps. To...

10. Falling Up - Moonlit
So this is real, the window sill, it cannot heal. All the secrets are here now. All I've known, my cover's blown, the ages shown. You know that they...

11. Falling Up - Divinity
Feel, fell the wounds Hold my hands cradling all the souls And wait, wait for peace As my love makes it's way shattering (Chorus) My heart it hurts...

12. Falling Up - Places
Playing my heart so many times There's always a weak hand holding mine Saying the way that I have said "this is the way" Every scene is still the...

13. Falling Up - Exhibition
They, they come. The fog it lifts, the shadows shift the wind. Within the lanterns have been lit. So slip the night. So start the race, your nameless...

14. Falling Up - Broken Heart
In this moment synchronized inside, words that paint a legacy of life a different picture will unfold, a healing finds it's way through sifted times...

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