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1. X-clan - Fire & Earth (100% Natural)
Cave men! (You better hush!) Cave women! (Hush!) And the... (Hush!) Troglodytes! [Gun shot.] (Somebody's calling my name....) [Brother J] Ah, yeah!...

2. X-clan - Verbal Milk
Yeuch! Brother J says yeuuch! Hmmhmmhmmhmm.. [Professor X] Ahhhh! Straight from the temple of everlasting ME! P.X.O., and the X-Clan (aww yeah) ...

3. X-clan - A.d.a.m.
[Professor X] Come diddy-dum! Welcome to this archaeological find! At the road, witness me Before the coming of the Sun; peeking at you from...

4. X-clan - Tribal Jam
[Professor X] (We have come..) by way of the stars, by way of the Nile evermore (We have come..) speaking the tongue of the pharoahes, descending...

5. X-clan - Verbs Of Power
Verbs of Power - now here's the sum of another drum Now mortals aware, now prepare for illogical son My Verbs of Power are the spiritual spank My...

6. X-clan - Xodus
[Professor X] Come one, come all. We have the elixir that cures all that ails you Traveling the four corners of the road. Straight from the well,...

7. X-clan - Earth Bound
Funk upon a time In the days of vanglorious The tri-dimensional houses of energy released the original powers to the translators of the...

8. X-clan - A Day Of Outrage, Operation Snatchback
OUTRAGE!! [Brother J] Blood to the concrete, tears to soil And here's another word to make the other man foil War, raised on your planet to a...

9. X-clan - Funkin' Lesson
[Professor X:] "Freedom or death, we shall all be moved. Vanglorious! This is protected by the red, the black, and the green, with a key,...

10. X-clan - Raise The Flag
[ Brother J ] Descending from the tribes of Africa Inspired by the great black leaders [ Professor X ] Vanglorious This is protected By the...

11. X-clan - Grand Verbalizer
Grand verbalizer what time is it.. grand verbalizer what time is it.. grand verbalizer what time is it.. Verse One: Brother J African. Very...

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